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Trump Legal Team Promises Fight ‘Not Going to Slow Him Down,’ Disputes Admonishment

The legal team representing 45th President Donald Trump told reporters the president remains motivated after being charged with 34 felonies relating to an alleged “hush money” payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Attorneys Todd Blanche, Joe Tacopina, and Susan Necheles fielded questions from the media in New York as Trump returned to his Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago to deliver a speech.

In explaining the president’s reaction to his arrest, Trump’s lawyers said he feels upset and angered, but also motivated to defend his innocence in court.

“He’s frustrated, he’s upset, but I’ll tell you what–he’s motivated, and it’s not going to stop him. It’s not going to slow him down,” one of Trump’s attorney’s said. “It’s exactly what he expected and so to that extent, there was no surprise. But he’s also upset, and frustrated, and disappointed, and mad that this happened.”

The defense team additionally addressed reports that the judge had admonished the 45th President during his arraignment hearing earlier this afternoon, clarifying that Judge Juan Merchan, a partisan Democrat, did not “warn” Trump specifically about his rhetoric, but rather all parties involved.

“There was not a warning,” the attorney said. “The district attorney read a statement addressing what they perceived to be…inappropriate rhetoric of some sort.”

“He did not admonish the president,” a member of the legal team stressed.

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“Today’s unsealing of this indictment shows that the rule of law died in this country because, while everyone is not above the law, no one is below it either. And if this man’s name was not Donald J. Trump, there is no scenario where we would all be here today. Please understand that, based on these charges,” Trump’s lawyers said.

The president was formally arrested and indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over claims that “hush money” was improperly processed while Trump was allegedly victim to an extortion scheme in 2016, Valiant News reported.

Trump pleaded not guilty to a total of 34 charges from Bragg’s office that, if convicted, could see the 76-year-old face up to 136 years in prison.

The 45th President reportedly only spoke briefly during his hearing to respond to questions.

Trump is now scheduled for court in December, but his legal team has requested for the president to be excused from an in-person hearing due to “extraordinary security proceedings,” AP reported.

Down in Washington, D.C. as elected local officials in his own political party criminally charge his most formidable political adversary, Joe Biden appeared to laugh and smile with glee when asked if the Trump indictment fiasco is politically divisive.

“Is the indictment of your predecessor politically divisive?” one reporter could be heard asking the president on Tuesday.

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In response, Biden broke into a wide smile and began laughing, as his aides began yelling for reporters to leave the room.

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